The vast majority of forward-looking companies are all talking about sustainability and circular economy. So do we at PartnerPlast.

We have taken UN's 17 Sustainability Goals and set specific goals for what we can do as a company in order to making a difference.

Our golden goal:
Consumption and production

We have been a driving force when establishing Nordic Plastic Recycling.
By 1st July 2021 we will be environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14 001.
We are aiming towards at least 70% use of recycled materials within 2030.

We recycle our plastic products because we believe in the future

Our goal

The main goal for PartnerPlast is to have > 30 % recycled plastics in all our products within the next three years.

Collaboration with NPR

PartnerPlast AS will work together with Nordic Plastic Recycling AS (NPR) for the recycling of all products produced at PartnerPlast's factory in Åndalsnes. This to ensure a good circular economy and our target is to minimize the amount of residual waste and incineration.

Recycling our own products

We must all take action when working towards the green transition. All our products may be returned to us for recycling. The transition to circular economy entails changes in design, production and consumption patterns. We must all contribute. All our products may be returned to us, free of charge, for recycling into new PartnerPlast products. All plastics are suitable for reuse when handled and sorted correctly.

If you choose PartnerPlast, you choose circular economy. Join us in making a difference!

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We have set 4 goals where we as a company have something to aim for and work towards achieving.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

X% of our turnover will go to research and development. All projects must be assessed in line with our sustainability goals.

Climate action

Use less packaging throughout the value chain. We will reduce the use of packaging by 50% within 2025.

Life below water

X% of our turnover will be placed in an investment fund where the means will be utilized in the clean up of plastic waste.  All our employees will dedicate a minimum of 8 hours each per annum voluntary work in order to contribute.

Life on land

We will be a driving force in the work ensuring that plastics will be collected and recycled instead of ending up on land or landfill.

Further develop the concept «Operation Clean Sweap» in consultation with Plastics Europe.

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We have chosen 4 core values which all are, and always have been, part of our vision:

Quality education
Decent work and economic growth
Sustainable cities and communities
Partnerships for the goals