Return your used PartnerPlast plastics for recycling

PartnerPlastWe recycle our plastic products because we believe in the future.

We must all take action to achieve a green transition. A circular economy involves changes in design, production and consumption patterns. We want to contribute by accepting all used PartnerPlast products for recycling.

Plastics are suitable for reuse when handled correctly. There are many types of plastics, and it is important that the materials are sorted accurately.

We accept polyethylene for recycling. All our products will be accepted free of charge.

At our facility in Åndalsnes, used plastic products will be sorted and prepared for reuse. This will be done in collaboration with Nordic Plastic Recycling. They recycle plastic products into new high-quality materials.

If you choose PartnerPlast, you choose circular economy. Join us to make a difference.

Please contact us for more information.