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Quality & HSE

Main objective

Our main objective is to become the preferred supplier for all our customers!

All operations shall have a minimum impact on the environment and our products and services shall be safe for customers and employees.

Quality policy

Our objective is to become a market leader within Scandinavia in rotational moulding and associated products. We shall be a driving force in terms of the manufacture, materials and design for technology as well as fronting rotational moulding as the best alternative.

We shall focus on satisfying the customers’ needs, requirements and expectations.

We carry out all our operations in line with the requirements of current laws and regulations. The company’s quality management system shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and shall be certified by an accredited body. We are working continuously to improve upon the quality management system.

Health, safety and environment are all given priority in all parts of our organisation.


At PartnerPlast AS the safety and environmental effort remains a prioritized matter. Our objective is to develop and ensure a physical and psycho-social working environment that ensures the safety and well-being of our employees.

Through systematic planning, mapping and good routines, we will:

  • promote health, safety and the environment for our employees
  • prevent work-related illnesses and problems
  • remove unhealthy factors from the working environment
  • comply with requirements in current laws and regulations


Download our safety brochure here.We place great emphasis on safety and it is important to PartnerPlast AS that all who work at or visit our factories, shall be safe. If you are one of our visitors, it is the responsibility of the person you are visiting to point out the escape routes.

If an emergency situation were to arise, it is important that everyone knows the escape routes. Please read carefully the brochure you are given.