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Tail Buoy 1050

PartnerPlast has developed a new generation of
controllable Tail Buoys

  • The Tail Buoys are designed to simplify handling of the streamer cables
  • Both the rudder and brake flaps can be controlled from the ship
  • The Tail Buoys have radio communication, which provide direction and tilting info
  • Each Tail Buoy is marked with a serial number for QA tracking and identification
  • The Tail Buoys are manufactured in a plastic material called polyethylene. This material represents a superior combination of high stress crack rate, high strength, and high tear resistance
Volume1050 L
Length2370 mm
Height2420 mm /2372 mm
Width1020 mm
Weight264 kg
Steel materialAISI 316
Body materialPolyethylene
Body material fillEPS 25 kg/m3
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Additional information

Weight 325 kg
Dimensions 1200x3860x1530mm