Device Tracking and Control – DTAC

The DTAC marine is a high performance – high reliable communication device for remote applications. It is approved according to the marine regulations EN 60945 and DNV 2.4 Environmental requirements ensuring reliable operation in marine applications.

The DTAC can track and Interface your equipment onboard ships or in remote installations and give you a “hands on” experience all around the world. The power consumption is very low and the DTAC can be running from a backup battery for years depending on the chosen data rate.

The DTAC Web-page provides easy and intuitive user interface. Key information like positioning and data are presented in a map or graphically. The DTAC is configurable through the web page with respect to data transfer rate and geofencing settings. Geofencing functionality enables the user to receive information if the DTAC moves outside a preset geofence.


  • Remote Control and monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Event triggering and synchronization
  • Buoys