Marker Buoy

The PartnerPlast Marker Buoy is equipped with a LED flasher for marking various types of equipment as buoys, anchor chains or moorings, oil cables etc. It is a surface buoy, with a daylight switch incorporated. The Marker Buoy has a Bright yellow colour, and with the flashing light it is easy to see the buoy even at night. If  SOLAS approved light is required on the Marker Buoy, the Jotron SL-300 light can be mounted to the buoy. A PE plastic adapter is needed to make it fit properly.

The Marker Buoy has a polyethylene outer shell filled with syntactic foam. The aramature is zinc coated to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Weight13 kg
BuoyancyNet 27 kg
Design depthSurface
Light range2 - 3 NM Surface visibility
Light colourWhite
Endurance3 x 1,5 VDC D-Cells, expecting operating for 32 days
Flash rate25 flashes per minute. Daylight sensor incorporated
Software programFlash rate, light-intensity and sync
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Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions851 × 398 × 398 mm