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Pipe Float

The PartnerPlast Pipe Float is a product designed to fit to hoses, wires and umbilicals. The Pipe Float consists of two half-cylindical buoyancy elements, and six distance- and friction blocks. The Roblon Quick Strap and tensioner fastens the complete module to the pipe/umbilical/wire. The pipe float are available in all depth ratings from surface to 2500m. Standard color: bright yellow, optional: orange. Buoyancy figures are given seawater with density 1,025 kg/dm3. Weight figures are dry weight in air. Buoyancy figures are nominal net Buoyancy. The Pipe Float has inner distance blocks in suitable thickness to fit the diameter of the customer’s umbilical/pipe size. The blocks are made of Polyurethane shore 80A. The blocks are fitted and locked inside the PE half-cylindrical parts. Friction will keep the Pipe Float onto the umbilical/pipe. The Maximum hose/wire/pipe diameter is 250 mm. Although, any other smaller diameter for customer is available.

Main specifications

Depth Buoyancy (kgf) Weight (kg)
Surface 115,6 43,5
250 m 90,9 68,2 
500 m 87,8 71,3