PGS takes action to recycle plastics

PGS will return all used PartnerPlast products for recycling.

In a recent press release we announced our focus on achieving a green transition and our ability to recycle our plastic products. To follow up, PartnerPlast has now entered into an agreement with PGS where all used PartnerPlast products will be returned to us for recycling and turned into new high quality materials for reuse.

This shows a customer who takes responsibility for the environment and sees the benefit of recycling products into high quality materials for reuse when manufacturing new products. PartnerPlast will ensure product handling and recycling in a sustainable and responsible manner.

PGS is a leading, international marine geophysical company and provides a range of integrated geophysical services, including acquisition, imaging, rock physics, and reservoir characterization.

We are extremely pleased with the signing of such an agreement with PGS. The close cooperation between our two companies has taken another step further and a leap into the future.


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