PartnerPlast aquires MudMat® and PipeMat from Installit

PartnerPlast has taken over the ownership of MudMat®, a protection mat used specifically for subsea operations, developed by Installit. The MudMat® will be manufactured by
Molstad Modell & Form, which is a subsidiary of PartnerPlast. The MudMat® forms part of a product range covering protection equipment made from polyurethane (PU) and is suited for use during subsea and offshore operations. The acquisition also includes PipeMat, another product in the protection mat series.

«PartnerPlast and Installit have previously entered into a Cooperation Agreement with regards to the product development, and the fact that PartnerPlast now takes over the ownership of MudMat®is a result of the good cooperation we have had in the past» says Ivar-Andreas Monefeldt, General Manager of Installit. «PartnerPlast has a renowned sales organization and the potential of delivering MudMat®to a wider market, also outside the Oil & Gas Industry, is considered high. Our objective is to focus on further development of sought after products and our close cooperation with PartnerPlast will continue to prove just as important in the future.«

The product fits our strategy well in our aim to further develop protection equipment in PU for our current, and potential, customers” says Tore Lien, Sales Manager for PartnerPlast PU-division. “We aim to become a leading supplier of protection equipment for cables, risers and other structures offshore. We consider MudMat®to be a valued addition to our current range of products.»

Sales contact at PartnerPlast:
Tore Lien


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