New products: Grips, Slider & UnderWater Generator

PP Grips

The grips is equipped with hinges for easy and fast instalment and removal while giving the cable the best protection against over bend. Typical use is attachment points for flotation, inner lead ins spreader ropes, gun umbilical’s as attachment to diverters or lead ins. To achieve good friction and compression aver the cable, steel bands is used.

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PP Slider

The Slider is designed to slide down a lead in for attachment to flexi float system, lead in flotation or other temporarily installed equipment while protecting the lead in from over bend.

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PP UW120 UnderWater Generator

The PP UW 120 is a generator made for continuous power generation in underwater installations. The generator is using the most modern permanent magnet technology providing a durable power source for your underwater applications. To avoid corrosion problems, the body of the generator is completely encapsulated by Polyurethane. Metallic parts, as propeller-shaft and mounting sleeves, are made of Duplex steel. These generators will be compatible with previous generators delivered by PartnerPlast due to the same installation points and physical dimensions. The electrical interface is two phase AC voltages suitable for both 12 and 24V systems.

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