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Marker Buoy

The PartnerPlast Marker Buoy is equipped with a LED flasher for marking various types of equipment as buoys, anchor chains or moorings, oil cables etc. It is a surface buoy, with a daylight switch incorporated. The Marker Buoy has a bright yellow color, and with the flashing light it is easy to see the buoy even at night. If SOLAS approved light is required on the markerbuoy, the Jotron SL-300 light can be mounted to the buoy. An PE plastic adapter is needed to make it fit properly.

The Marker Buoy has a polyethylene outer shell with syntactic foam inside. The armature is zinc coated to provide excellent corrosion resistance.


Weight: 13 kg
Buoancy: Net 27 kg
Design depth: Surface
Light range: 2–3 NM Surface visibility
Light color: White

3 x 1,5 VDC D-cells,
expecting operating for 32 days

Flash rate: 25 flash per minute.
Daylight sensor incorporated
Software program: Flash rate, light-intensity and sync.

Specification SL-300 light

Approved according to SOLAS 
Type: Unbreakable high intensity LED 
Battery service life: 5 years 
Self activated by tilt-switch 
Light color: white 
Light intensity: > 2 Candela