Offshore & Subsea

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PartnerPlast supplies a wide range of Buoyancy  & Subsea Plastics for various applications. We are able to supply products for all water-depths, ranging from surface to a depth of 6,000 metres.


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We produce buoys from the smallest spherical buoys with a few kilos’ buoyancy to modular systems with a buoyancy of several tens of tonnes. The buoys are manufactured at our factory in Åndalsnes, Norway.

We are also able to offer buoyancy based on customers’ design and requirements, where our engineers can assist in the development of an optimal design based on specifications.

PartnerPlast offers both leasing and repair of buoys.

Subsea Protection

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Partnerplast also provide a selection of subsea protection products, ranging from cable protection and subsea mats, to bend restrictors and pipe clamps.

A wide range of products are kept in stock and ensures immediate dispatch and short delivery time.