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HUB 3000 Light Buoy

HUB 3000 Light Buoy is a floating marker buoy containing the PWX Signal Light, battery, weight for stabilization and mooring connections. The battery is of replaceable alcaline type which is connected to the signal light inside the protected environment of the buoy. The Light Buoy is delivered with both yellow and white light, and the light source is LED (Light Emitting Diodes) used for long life operation. The Signal Light pattern and light intensity is programmable, and therefore the operational period between replacement of the battery will be indicated when calculating the light pattern. The PWX signal light also contains daylight switch and a GPS is available for syncronizing several lights.

Material Body UV resistant Polyethylene
Lantern material Seawaterproof Aluminium and UV resistant Polycarbonate
Weight including battery 84 kg 
Degree of protection IP 67 
Approvals NEMKO Report E14141.00 

Alkaline battery 18V / 220Ah
Electronic waste for recycling to be delivered disposal central

Synchronization  GPS 
Light pattern  25 flash / min (0,5+1,9 = 2,4 sec period) 
HUB 3000 Light Buoy – Yellow LED  
Lantern intensity 18 cd (3 nm, 5,4 km) default. Programmable range 3 – 90 cd
Light colour Yellow, Ref IALA
Vertical divergence 10° (+/– 1°) @ 50 %
Battery intervals (18cd) > 2 yrs (day/night period 50/50)
HUB 3000 Light Buoy – White LED  
Lantern intensity 170 cd (10 km) default. Programmable range 6 – 280 cd
Light colour White, Ref IALA
Vertical divergence 20° (+/– 1°) @ 50%
Battery intervals (170cd) > 150 days (day/night period 50/50)