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Electronic Systems

The Tail Buoy Charge and Control system from PartnerPlast is a fully integrated solution which provides the operator with total control and all monitoring options of charging sources, battery conditions and load statuses. The parameters are accessed remotely through radio communication.

The ELBOX maintains the correct charge and load parameters of the battery in all operating conditions.

Solutions for motor control outputs which can be used for rudder, flaps or antenna controls are available. A compass and GPS, in addition to tilt sensors, can be integrated in the system to enable steering and positioning of the Tail Buoys

Custom-made functionality

Custom specified functionality and interfaces can be integrated into the system both for the Tail Buoy and on the topside control system.

PartnerPlast supplies selected products with RFID. The RFID is unique, and can be used by the customer for logistic and tracking purposes.

Different types of RFID tags are selected and suited with respect to the type and usage of the product.