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Dynav – Navigation System

Download our Dynav brochure (rev. 1-2013)

Quality control

Constant monitoring of GNSS quality parameters offers a good and reliable indicator of the received position coordinates. An integrated channel spectrum analyzer enables technicians to locate ideal radio operating frequencies at the base position.

Flexible installation

Dynav communicates with external devices and navigation ­systems through direct serial connection (NMEA) or IP-network. This gives great flexibility regarding installation of system units onboard the ship.

Simulator based training

A standalone BTU simulator is available to feed Dynav data for training purposes or for validating integration with third party systems prior or during production deployment.

Ease of configuration

Offering remote wireless configuration, Dynav handles configuration of radio parameters, GNSS parameters and BTU parameters without the need of connecting other devices or using other applications.

User oriented GUI

The new Dynav graphical user interface focuses on presenting the most useful information during run time while still offering detailed configuration within a few mouse clicks. Users may at any time configure which BTU data to view and in what order.

Error Handling

Continuous monitoring and automatic recovery of communication failures reduces possible system downtime to a minimum. Extensive logging of system events is enabled by default and enables technicians to rapidly correct possible fault situations.

Robust RTK Tracking

Dynav is the next generation GNSS tracking system for use in maritime navigation systems where reliable and accurate positions are required.

A rugged polyethylene housing, which combined with low weight and low power consumption make the Dynav tracking system ideal for seismic operations.