Currently four apprentices at Partnerplast AS

Day of the apprentice

On Thursday, 29th October, Tom Samuelsen (CEO of PartnerPlast AS), invited our 4 (four) apprentices, including parents and mentors, to spend the day at PartnerPlast, Åndalsnes.

Ivar Magne is operating one of the many machines at our manufacturing facility at PartnerPlast, Åndalsnes

Annual tradition

The intention behind was to provide all the involved with additional and detailed information on how we take care of and ensure that, the apprentices within our organization, are best equipped for their next career move. The feedback from the delegates were merely positive and we can conclude that the day was a proven success and will be arranged as an annual tradition here at PartnerPlast AS.

Our four apprentices: Left side of the table: Eirik and Amund. Right side of the table: Lars and Ivar Magne


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