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Smart products and solutions to the Seismic, Offshore & Subsea and Aquaculture markets. Our leading capabilities are in rotational and polyurethane moulding, and electronics development.

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Why PartnerPlast?

We operate globally and understand that our customers have high demands on quality, design and technology.

At PartnerPlast, we aim to meet and exceed these expectations through a combination of experience and innovation.

Our unique combination of expertise in plastics, moulding and electronics means we provide value across industries where others cannot.

PartnerPlast is an industry leader in the supply of smart plastic products to 4 market segments:

We provide a wide selection of catalogue products to these markets. Our specialised teams can also help you with customised solutions.

Partnerplast has developed key capabilites in 5 major areas over 25 years in industry. These are:

We focus on plastics moulding, and integrated electronics in a marine environment.

Our experience and ability to combine any of these, provides unique opportunities and value to our customers.


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